2019 Annual Report

The Centre is fortunate to have access to a range of robotic platforms that are helping to advance cutting-edge research.

  • Social robots: SoftBank Robotics Pepper robot.
  • Robotic arms: Franka-Emika Panda; Kinova Mico; Universal Robots UR5 and UR10; Rethink Baxter.
  • Robotic hand: qr Robotics Softhand.
  • Endoscopic surgery robot: Applied Dexterity Raven.
  • Mobile robotic platforms: Adept Patrolbot and Omron LD-60.
  • Robotic boat: Marine Advanced Robotics WAM-V.
  • UAVs employed to enable research in spatial ecology, GPS denied environments, air quality sampling, path planning and navigation


  • Harvey the robotic harvester.
  • Autonomous underwater robots, RangerBot and its predecessor, COTSbot.
  • A continuum robot for arthroscopy, SnakeBot.
  • A fleet of five mini self-driving cars.
  • A logistic robot, Cartman (now disassembled), which won the 2017 global pick-and-place Amazon Robotics Challenge in Japan.
  • Penguin Pi (small mobile robot for undergraduate teaching).