2019 Annual Report

The Centre is focused on generating impactful science and technologies that transform industry and provide economic and social solutions.

We are tackling the kind of challenges that impact our quality of life, including: 

  • labour shortages and low productivity growth in key industries; 
  • diminishing competitiveness; 
  • increasing occupational health and safety compliance costs; 
  • ageing infrastructure; 
  • rising healthcare costs; and 
  • the balance between environmental sustainability and growing demands for minerals, energy and food. 

It is not enough for the Centre to do fantastic, internationally impactful science if it fails to translate research into tangible benefits to end users. Our role is not to compete with existing businesses in the Australian marketplace, but to identify companies we can partner with to build and deliver technological solutions that will serve across a range of industries. 

Our key focus is on developing robotic vision technologies in those areas where their application is identified as having the highest potential economic benefit to Australia, as outlined in the Centre’s 2018 release of A Robotics Roadmap for Australia. 

How we engage

Robotic vision has the potential to impact all industries. As a result, the Centre’s End User Engagement Strategy must incorporate a diversity of approaches.

We achieve this through:  

  • local demonstrations where existing and potential end users can see our technologies in operation;  
  • sector-specific industry workshops, engaging directly with businesses to understand what challenges they are facing and which of these challenges can be addressed through robotic vision solutions;  
  • traditional media engagement, social media and public events;  
  • one-on-one consultations where our members host meetings with representatives from various industry segments related to our targeted impact areas;  
  • bringing high profile international conferences to Australia;  
  • VIP tours (the Centre regularly invites high-profile visitors to our various nodes to showcase our evolving work); and  
  • publication of research papers and articles in respected trade and peer-reviewed journals.  

We track our engagement activities using a CRM system which records contacts, meetings and other relevant information.  As demonstrated in our release of Australia’s first Robotics Roadmap, we also lobby governments to work with our national robotic vision community to build a strong robotic vision industry in Australia.  

Centre stakeholders 

Our end users provide us with the real-world challenges we must address. Their businesses and the Australian economy will benefit by implementing the technologies we develop. Our success will come from engaging with a wide range of stakeholders, from our funding agencies and business partners, through to hobbyists and community groups that inspire the next generation of end users.