Shahnewaz Ali

  • PhD Researcher
  • QUT
  • 2018- 2020

Shahnewaz Ali earned his MSc. in Computer Engineering from Politecnico Di Milano, Italy [QS RANKINGS 2015 Top 50 Universities, top 10 European universities in 6 research areas including Computer Science and Information Systems, Electrical and Electronic Engineering]  with ICE scholarship for excellent students.

Later he worked as an Embedded System Engineer in the Home Automation sector having both hardware and software development responsibilities.  There he was passionate to adopt cutting edge technology in the automation sector and was involved in designing and developing Intelligent Hardware Solutions.

He is passionate about problem formulation and solution space exploration, therefore, system analysis. He prefers to identify system problems as a whole, evaluate possible solutions in reference to current Technology, Trends, and Methods. Currently, he has published some technical papers (including IEEE) and a book chapter with Springer.  Nevertheless, his research and work interest mainly focused on Intelligent Electronics and Computing System thus covering various fields such as Hardware – Software Design Methodology based on FPGA –a Hybrid System, Robotics and Feedback System, Computer Vision, and System Automation and Control on SoC or on Embedded Platform such Microprocessor and Microcontroller.

Currently, he is a Ph.D. student. His research is on addressing the vision-related problems of an autonomous surgical robotic platform such as an autonomous illumination controller for surgical space, surgical scene segmentation and depth perception in order to achieve a robust and enhanced vision.

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