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Postdoctoral Research Fellow positions (2) at QUT

Are you interested in solving real world problems? Do you want to perform research at the intersection of robotics, vision, and learning? We are currently looking for two creative and imaginative postdoctoral researchers to join our team.

Our Centre is leading the world in ground-breaking research tackling the critical and complex challenge of applying computer vision to robotics. We believe that the ability to see, to visually understand the complex world around us and respond to it, is critical for the next generation of robots that will perform useful work in wide range of domains. Both roles are based at our Centre headquarters at the Queensland University of Technology in beautiful Brisbane, Australia .

These positions are classified as Academic Level B (LEVB) which has an annual remuneration range of $AUD112,637 to $AUD133,770 pa. Which is inclusive of an annual salary range of $AUD95,179 to $AUD113,037pa, 17% superannuation and 17.5% recreation leave loading.

The Australian Centre for Robotic Vision supports a flexible working environment. We support a diverse and inclusive atmosphere and encourage applications from women, Aboriginal Australians and Torres Strait Islander people.

Full details including position descriptions and how to apply can be found on the QUT Jobs website. Applications close 31st March 2019.

Manipulation and Vision Project

You will be part of the Manipulation and Vision team of the Centre (which won the 2017 Amazon Robotics Challenge) and contribute to vision based robotic grasping and object manipulation research and the creation and deployment of novel robotic solutions. You will have access to multiple robotic arms and vision systems, e.g. Kinova, Universal, FrankaEmika and a mobile manipulation platform to develop improved vision-based grasping and manipulation systems. We currently focus on the following areas: • Improving vision-guided grasping systems • Investigating (bimanual) object manipulation algorithms • Designing novel mechanisms, for hands, arms and grippers, integrating tactile and haptic sensing • Combining manipulation with mobility platforms, to create robots that are able to perform complex tasks (such as tidying up a room) • Integrating multi-modal robot sensing to improve manipulation (vision, tactile and force measurements).

Apply here by the 31st March 2019

Robotic Vision Evaluation and Benchmarking Project

You will be part of the Robotic Vision Evaluation & Benchmarking team in the Centre, and will have a leading role in developing new standardised benchmark tasks and evaluation metrics to foster reproducible research in robotic vision. The role will work closely with a team of Research Engineers, Research Fellows, and Chief Investigators to systematically evaluate robotic vision and learning algorithms on various mobile robot platforms under realistic conditions. The evaluations target application scenarios for robotic vision such as domestic service robots. The evaluations comprise perception (e.g. object detection, semantic segmentation), learning for perception (continuous learning, active learning, few-shot learning), natural language interaction with robots, learning for action (reinforcement learning, imitation learning), core mobile robotics capabilities (semantic SLAM, visual odometry, navigation), as well as manipulation (grasp planning and execution, mobile manipulation). You will work closely with research and software engineers to develop and popularise a new robotic vision benchmarking competition in the spirit of COCO and ILSVRC. This new competition will will combine the variety and complexity of realworld data with the flexibility of synthetic graphics and physics engines. You will have a leading role in organising this new competition annually in conjunction with a major computer vision and robotics conference.

Apply here by the 31st March 2019

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Centre staff at our annual symposium, RoboVis 2017

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