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Innovation Challenges and a Robotic Vision Road Map for Australia

The Centre is looking to engage with all companies in Australia broadly operating in the robotics, computer vision, automation and sensing space as well as manufacturers of robotics, vision and sensing equipment, tech companies and industry bodies.

PwC’s Open Innovation Platform is an online marketplace designed to connect governments and businesses to a network of thousands of innovators from small to medium enterprises to solve important problems. With the support of PwC (a valued member of our End-User Advisory Board), we’re running a series of innovation challenges aimed to identify people and companies in the Australian robotics and vision communities.

We have two aims:

(1) to identify companies we can collaborate with on solving challenges, partners who we can work with or already have solutions to some of the problems we are asked to address, and companies who might be interested in working with us to commercialise technologies in the future.

(2) to engage with companies who broadly operate in the automation/robotics/sensing/vision space to collectively develop a robotic and vision roadmap for Australia and raise awareness of the important economic benefits of the industry to Australia.

We see the innovation challenges as an opportunity to partner on robotic vision solutions for different sectors and to raise the profile of the robotic vision industry. ​

Our first two challenges are focused on robotic vision solution providers in the manufacturing and agriculture sectors.

By running these challenges we hope to:

  • Create a network of companies in the robotic vision space in Australia
  • Identify potential collaboration opportunities
  • Raise industry profile with State and Federal governments, with a view to gain increased focus on the industry
  • Gain recognition of the importance of robotics and vision to the Australian economy
  • Increase competitiveness with similar industries overseas

For further information please contact the Centre 

Australian Centre for Robotic Vision
2 George Street Brisbane, 4001
+61 7 3138 7549