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12 Nov 2019

Robotic ‘game changer’

What do popular ‘human’ games like Jenga have in common with gripping new Centre research? Find out more>>...

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03 Oct 2019

Federal MP Graham Perrett Meets Our Robots

‘On the job’ learning for former school teacher-turned-politician on a tour of our Centre… Australian Centre for Robotic Vision Director Peter Corke introduces Graham Perrett MP, Federal Member for Moreton and Shadow Assistant Minister for Education and Training, to our researchers...

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17 Sep 2019

We want you!

Get a grip on your dream robotics job! We’re looking for a researcher to lead our Manipulation & Vision project. You could join us in a state-of-the-art lab, leading an engaged group of dynamic researchers, with access to global experts. Apply now>>...

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02 Sep 2019

A summer school like no other!

Pack your bags for Robotic Vision Summer School (RVSS) returning 2-7 February 2020! Early bird discount closes 18 December 2019 REGISTER NOW>>...

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08 Aug 2019

Farmer Wants a BOT!

Meet Harvey the robotic capsicum harvester at the Ekka (9-18 August) ...

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02 Jul 2019

Is this the next ‘Rosie’ robot?

A peek behind the scenes of the making of Rocky, the underdog robot. A robot butler and mobile manipulator competing in the 2019 RoboCup @Home League challenge (2-8 July) in Sydney. ...

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06 Jun 2019

Prescribing a robot ‘intervention’

Are you ready for a robot ‘intervention’? ...

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03 Jun 2019

Winter is here!

Pepper has an important question  ...

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27 May 2019

A Fine Fellow Indeed!

Academy of Science awards Centre Director Peter Corke top honour ...

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09 May 2019

Taking robotics to the world!

Centre Director Peter Corke’s brainchild, QUT Robot Academy, turns 2! Find out more>> ...

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07 May 2019

Behind the scenes: Robotic Vision Summer School

The Australian newspaper goes behind the scenes! ...

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03 May 2019

10-Minute Online Survey on Willingness to Disclose Information

A new Centre research project has got SoftBank’s social robot Pepper talking! Find out more>>   ...

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26 Jun 2018

Two Weeks of Robots in Australia

Professor Riaan Stopforth visited Centre headquarters at QUT before attending ICRA 2018. In this video he showcases some of our robots and local spots around Brisbane. ...

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17 May 2018

Robotic Vision Summer School 2019

As part of our commitment to educate future leaders in science, the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision hosts an annual Robotic Vision Summer School (RVSS) in Kialoa, NSW. Students from around the world join Centre PhD students for a week to hear from some of the top Robotic Vision researchers in t...

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11 May 2018

Celebrating the first anniversary of the QUT Robot Academy

The QUT Robot Academy is 1! With a 36,000 strong community, from 89 countries who have together watched over 300,000 lessons. Here Centre Director Peter Corke celebrates the success of the Academy and gives a brief overview on the content users can expect. Check out the QUT Robot Academy at https://...

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19 Apr 2018

BBC Click visits Centre headquarters

Nick Kwek from BBC’s Click visited our Centre Headquarters to meet our robots Cartman, Pepper and Harvey, and our Centre team behind the Amazon Robotics Challenge win. ...

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12 Dec 2017

Eyes Underground: A vision for mine safety


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25 Aug 2017

Social Robots & Healthcare

The Australian Centre for Robotic Vision recently hosted a workshop at QUT looking into Social Robots and Healthcare. The Centre’s social robotics Project Manager, Belinda Ward, addressed the workshop about the new Pepper robot being used by the Centre and QUT. ...

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25 Aug 2017

Social Robots & Healthcare

The Australian Centre for Robotic Vision held a workshop at QUT in July looking into Social Robots and Healthcare. Centre Chief Operating Officer Sue Keay led the workshop. Here is her talk on the subject. ...

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01 Aug 2017

Centre Team Wins the Amazon Robotics Challenge

This is the video from Amazon News on the Amazon Robotics Challenge and our team’s come-from-behind effort to win the competition. Spoiler alert – we love the team reaction at the end!   ...

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14 Jun 2017

Harvey the Robotic Capsicum (Red Pepper) Harvester

QUT and Centre researchers have developed Harvey the robotic capsicum (red pepper) harvester, a new agricultural robot prototype designed to robotically identify and harvest capsicums. Harvey’s robotic arm has a camera and a unique cutting tool attached. Using data from the camera, the robot creates...

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21 Apr 2017

Robotic Vision Summer School (RVSS) 2017

Check out our 2017 Robotic Vision Summer School (RVSS) held annually at ANU’s Kioloa Campus. Register your interest now for 2018! ...

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19 Apr 2017

Robot vs. Volcano: “Sometimes It’s Just Fun to Blow Stuff Up” – from National Geographic

“Sharkcano.” It’s not the title of some campy summer blockbuster, but rather a real-world phenomenon that went viral in 2015, when scientists on a National Geographic expedition found sharks living inside one of the most active underwater volcanoes on Earth. Not surprisingly, the team was eager to g...

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18 Apr 2017

Program Spotlight – Semantic Representation

The Semantic Representation program is one of five major programs taking place inside the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision. Program Leader Stephen Gould (ANU) describes the various areas of research going on in the program, and how they work together to help robots better “understand”...

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11 Mar 2017

Australian Centre for Robotic Vision at the 2016 Amazon Picking Challenge

Members from the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision competed at the Amazon Picking Challenge at RoboCup 2016 in Germany. Team members talk about the challenge, what it was like to compete in it, and what they learned from it all. ...

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04 Dec 2016

Learning to Play Breakout with Baxter

Published on Dec 4, 2016“A Robustness Analysis of Deep Q Networks” by Adam W. Tow, Sareh Shirazi, Jürgen Leitner, Niko Sünderhauf, Michael Milford, Ben Upcroft...

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27 Aug 2016

Short clip Garden of Miniscule Delights

Published on Aug 27, 2016 Robots dancing with a human at this QUT Creative Industries event ...

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25 Aug 2016

Medical Robotics, a robot that looks like a snake, and collaboration

Centre Associate Investigator Jonathan Roberts appeared at the Queensland Futures Summit in Brisbane on 24 August 2016, taking part in a panel discussion about the Robotic Revolution. In this video, Professor Roberts talks about a new type of snake robot that will be used for medical procedures, and...

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28 Jul 2016

Our Amazon Picking Challenge Team in Action at RoboCup 2016

Published on Jul 28, 2016This is a video montage of the Amazon Picking Challenge team from our Centre, including clips of before and during the APC 2016 in Leipzig, Germany....

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27 Jul 2016

QUT is at the global forefront of agricultural robotics

Robotics and big data are transforming jobs, advancing technologies and disrupting every sector of the economy. QUT researchers are at the forefront of this transformation in agriculture. Their agricultural robot, AgBot II, and robotic capsicum harvester, Harvey, are part of a new generation of agri...

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13 Jun 2016

AgBot II: A New Generation Tool for Robotic Site-Specific Crop and Weed Management

QUT’s AgBot II prototype is equipped with cameras, sensors and software and is designed to work in autonomous groups to navigate, detect and classify weeds and manage them either chemically or mechanically as well as apply fertilizer for site specific crop management. AgBot II is currently bei...

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12 May 2016

QUT’s COTSbot robot features on ABC TV’s Catalyst

Anja Taylor from ABC TV’s Catalyst program joins QUT researchers Centre Chief Investigator Dr Matthew Dunbabin and Research Fellow Feras Dayoub as they test their COTSbot robot on the Great Barrier Reef. The COTSbot is designed to control highly destructive crown-of-thorns starfish outbreaks. ...

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14 Jan 2016

COTSbot, the world’s first robot targeting crown-of-thorns starfish on ABC News

QUT roboticists have developed the world’s first robot designed to seek out and control the Great Barrier Reef’s crown-of-thorns starfish (COTS), which are responsible for an estimated 40 per cent of the reef’s total decline in coral cover. The COTSbot completed its first sea trial...

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15 Nov 2015

Crown-Of-Thorns Starfish Robot (COTSBot )

Crown-Of-Thorns Starfish (Acanthaster planci) are described as one of the most significant threats to the Great Barrier Reef. Since the 1960’s, land-based nutrient runoff has accelerated outbreaks of COTS which are destroying large areas of reef. With few natural predators, traditional control...

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30 Aug 2015

Crown-of-thorns starfish Detection system – COTSBot

This work presents a novel vision-based underwater robotic system for the identification and control of Crown-Of-Thorns starfish (COTS) in coral reef environments. COTS have been identified as one of the most significant threats to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. These starfish literally eat c...

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16 Jul 2015

QUT – AgBot II is born

QUT’s Agricultural Robot, AgBot II, is a new robot fully designed and fabricated at QUT by our team of researchers and engineers. AgBot II is expected to play a vital role in the day-to-day operation of future farms. In this video we can see the fabrication of the robot, which took two weeks. ...

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16 Apr 2015

The official launch of the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision

A short video of the official launch of the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision (ACRV), held at QUT in Brisbane (Australia) on Monday 9th March 2015. ...

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