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Sector Workshops to develop a Robotic and Computer Vision Roadmap for Australia

The (2018) Robotic and Computer Vision Roadmap for Australia will outline the strategic importance of the newly emerging Robotics and Computer Vision industry in solving key challenges facing Australia’s productivity, environment and sustainability. Robotic and computer vision technologies will transform existing industries and also create whole new industries.

We invite you to contribute to the development of a roadmap looking at the impact of robotics and computer vision on sectors of national significance to Australia; manufacturing, services, healthcare, resources and environment. Little is known about Australia’s robotics and computer vision industries and as these, and related technologies mature, it is critical to understand and plan for the impact, challenges and the benefits they pose to our nation.

Please submit a proposal for each sectoral workshops of interest to you. Workshop attendees will be selected based on submissions. However, you are welcome to submit a proposal even if you are unable to attend a workshop. Each workshop aims to:

  1. demonstrate existing capability and future possibilities of these disruptive technologies in each sector;
  2. identify a focused set of major research goals for robotics and computer vision for each sector; and
  3. develop a roadmap for achieving these goals in the coming decade considering: industry policy, research priorities, workforce development and training.

The workshop will include leaders in Australian academia, industry, and government and will be highly focused outcomes orientated. The brainstorming sessions will focus on the application of robotics and computer vision to each sector, identifying (a) core competency areas for research and development; (b) new application areas that will maximise socio-economic impact; and (c) future workforce requirements.

We encourage you to submit a short proposal via email that includes: 1) name, affiliation, and contact information 2) 2-3 broad research ideas relevant to the objectives above. Submissions must be:

  • under 2 pages in plain text or .pdf format
  • labelled “SUBMISSION: Robotics and CV Roadmap – in the subject line (e.g. SUBMISSION: Robotics and CV Roadmap – Resources)
  • submitted to rv@qut.edu.au by the relevant submission due date

Based on the submissions, participants will be selected to attend the invitation-only workshops and will be
notified by the dates indicated above. Attendance is limited to 30 people.

Everyone that provides a submission will receive a copy of the final report and information on how they
might participate in the roadmapping effort.

For additional information please contact Tabetha Bozin, Project Lead Roadmap on

Posted September 11, 2017

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