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Zetao Chen

Zetao Chen

  • PhD Graduate, Queensland University of Technology

  • Doctor of Philosophy, Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

  • ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Zetao is currently a Senior Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Vision for Robotics Lab at ETH Zurich, a Partner Institution with our Centre. His research interests include brain-inspired algorithms, machine learning and long-term robot localization systems. During his PhD, Zetao spent 1 year at our University of Adelaide node, visiting the Australian Centre of Visual Technology (ACVT) supervised by Chief Investigators Professors Chunhua Shen and Ian Reid. His PhD by Publication “Biologically-inspired place recognition with neural networks” was supervised by Chief Investigators Associate Professor Michael Milford and Professors Gordon Wyeth and Peter Corke. He completed his PhD at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in May 2016.

Australian Centre for Robotic Vision
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