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Thanh-Toan Do

Thanh-Toan Do

Thanh-Toan Do obtained a Ph.D. in Computer Science at INRIA, Rennes, France, in 2012. From 2013-2016, he was a Research Fellow with Professor Cheung at Singapore University of Technology and Design. In 2016, he joined the Centre as a Research Fellow at the University of Adelaide, working with Centre Deputy Director Professor Ian Reid. He left the Centre and Australia in 2018 to take up an Assistant Professor position at the University of Liverpool, UK.

Thanh-Toan’s current research interests include computer vision (e.g., semantic scene understanding, large scale visual search, image-based localization) and machine learning (e.g., deep learning, metric learning, learning to hash).

Australian Centre for Robotic Vision
2 George Street Brisbane, 4001
+61 7 3138 7549