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Sourav Garg

Sourav Garg

  • PhD Graduate, Queensland University of Technology

  • Queensland University of Technology

Sourav obtained his Bachelors in Electronics and Communication from Thapar University, India in 2012. After graduating, he worked in the robotics research group of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) for 3 years where he conducted research in the field of robotic and computer vision. In particular, he was involved in projects like: human and object tracking, product counting in a retail shop environment, and a tea-serving robot in an office environment.

Motivated to delve deeper into robotic vision, Sourav commenced his Ph.D. at QUT in 2015. His thesis title is “Robust Visual Place Recognition under Simultaneous Viewpoint and Appearance Variations”. His Ph.D. research explored ways to exploit visual semantic information, 3D geometry, and deep-learnt CNNs for visual place recognition. Sourav’s thesis was supervised by Professor Michael Milford (Principal) and Dr. Niko Suenderhauf (Associate).

Sourav is currently working with Prof. Michael Milford as a post-doctoral research fellow, developing novel techniques for extremely scalable visual place recognition with sub-linear complexity in both space and time. His research interests include topics like visual place recognition, deep machine learning, large-scale localization, 3D pose estimation, image alignment, and semantic scene understanding. His research publications span various top-tier venues: IJRR, RSS, ICRA, and IROS. He became a Research Affiliate with the Centre in September 2019.

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