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Hongdong Li

Hongdong Li

Hongdong Li is a Chief Investigator with the Centre.

Hongdong is an Associate Professor with the College of Engineering and Computer Science, ANU (the Australian National University).  He is teaching computer vision and robotics courses at ANU.  He joined the RSISE of ANU and NICTA as a Research Fellow then Fellow for the period of 2004–2009.  He was a senior research scientist with NICTA for 2009-1010.   Up to 2003, he was a University Lecturer with Zhejiang University, China, after obtained PhD degree from the same university.

Hongdong’s main research interests include 3D computer vision, vision navigation, and mathemetics optimisation. He made important contributions to 3D vision, incl. camera pose computation, robust geometry estimation, 3D registration, and non-rigid deformable shape structure-from-motion.  He was a winner of the IEEE CVPR 2012 Best Paper Award, jointly with his student and colleague, for their work on non-rigid 3D vision reconstruction. He was also the reciept for the IEEE ICIP 2014 Best Student Paper Award for work on multibody motion segmentation, a winner for IEEE ICPR 2010 Best Student Paper Award for multi-view human gait identification, a winner of DICTA’13 Canon Best Paper Award, and a winner for DSTO Best Fundamental Paper Prize in 2014.

He reguarly served on the Program Committees for recent CVPR, ICCV and ECCV conferences, and served as “Area Chair” for ICCV, CVPR, ECCV, BMVC, AVSS and 3DV.  His past research projects include a major autonomous car driving project, the Australia Bionic Eyes Project with BVA.  His researches have been funded by the Australia Research Council (ARC) Discovery Program, Linkage Program, NSFC China Internatinal collaboration program, Toshiba Corp, General Motors Global Research, and Microsoft Research (via a Linkage grant).

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