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Dana Rezazadegan

Dana Rezazadegan

PhD Title: Human Action Anticipation for Assistive Robot Collaboration

Dana received her Bachelors of Science in Electronic Engineering from the Isfahan University of Technology (IUT), Esfahan, Iran in 2006. After completing her degree, she worked at Behineh niroo Espadan Engineering Company and the IUERC (Isfahan University Engineering Research Center) until 2014 where she led the design and simulation of electronic circuits and developed microcontrollers for monitoring electronic devices. She continued her study in control engineering and obtained her Master Degree in 2013. Her research area was the trajectory tracking control of mobile robots where she focused on developing an adaptive back-stepping controller for an autonomous underwater vehicle, AUV, in the presence of parametric uncertainties.

She was awarded her PhD titled “Human Action Recognition and Prediction for Robotics Applications” in March 2019.


Australian Centre for Robotic Vision
2 George Street Brisbane, 4001
+61 7 3138 7549