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Anton van den Hengel

Anton van den Hengel

Anton van den Hengel is the founding Director of The Australian Institute for Machine Learning, and a Professor of Computer Science at the University of Adelaide. He was also a Chief Investigator here at the Centre. Prof. van den Hengel has been lead CI on over $20m in external research funding from sources including Google, Canon, BHP Billiton and the ARC. Prof van den Hengel has won a number of awards, including the Pearcey Foundation Entrepreneur Award, the SA Science Excellence Award for Research Collaboration, and the CVPR Best Paper prize in 2010. He has authored over 300 publications, had 8 patents commercialised, formed 4 start-ups, and has recently had a medical technology achieve first-in-class FDA approval. Current research interests include Deep Learning, vison and language problems, interactive image-based modelling, large-scale video surveillance, and medical machine learning.

Prof van den Hengel and his team have developed world leading methods in a range of areas within Computer Vision and Machine learning, including methods which have placed first on a variety of international leader boards such as: PASCAL VOC (2015 & 2016), CityScapes (2016 & 2017), Virginia Tech VQA (2016 & 2017), and the Microsoft COCO Captioning Challenge (2016). Prof van den Hengel’s team placed 4th in the ImageNet detection challenge in 2015 ahead of Google, Intel, Oxford, CMU and Baidu, and 2nd in ImageNet Scene Parsing in 2016. ImageNet is one of the most hotly contested challenges in Computer Vision.

Prof van den Hengel left the Centre in March 2020 to continue his role as the founding Director of The Australian Institute for Machine Learning on a full-time basis.

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