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Anjali Jaiprakash

Anjali Jaiprakash

Anjali is a strategic and lateral thinking life sciences researcher, actively embracing novel technologies to solve medical challenges. Anjali has experience in the fields of medical robotics, medical device, orthopaedics, trauma, bone and cartilage biology. She has extensive research experience in the hospital and clinical setting and the ethical conduct of research in compliance with the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research (the Code).

Currently, she is working as the Advance QLD Research Fellow at the Medical and Healthcare Robotics Group at the ARC Centre of Excellence for  Robotic Vision and QUT under the supervision of a Robotics Engineer, Professor Jonathan Roberts and an Orthopaedic Surgeon, Professor Ross Crawford. With a proven ability to work in a multi-disciplinary role and to understand complexities across differing scientific fields, Anjali is working towards her vision  to create a world in which robotics technology enables affordable medicine for all. 

Anjali was named a Queensland Young Tall Poppy in 2017, recognising her excellence in the field of medical robotics. She is working on the development of a vision-based robotic leg-manipulation system for knee arthroscopy and a retinal diagnostic system for the early detection of blindness.

Australian Centre for Robotic Vision
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+61 7 3138 7549