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Andrew Davison

Andrew Davison

Andrew will contribute to the Robust Vision and Semantic Vision themes of the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision and holds the position of Professor of Robot Vision at the Department of Computing and leads the Robot Vision Research Group and the Dyson Robotics Laboratory at Imperial College, London.

He is working in computer vision and robotics: specifically his main area of research has concerned SLAM (Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping) using vision, with a particular emphasis on methods that work in real-time with commodity cameras. This is technology that can provide low-cost and robust real-time localisation and scene understanding for domestic robots, humanoid robots, wearable sensors, game interfaces or other devices.

Alongside his academic research, he has a longstanding relationship with Dyson Ltd. in the UK, having worked for them as a consultant on robot vision technology since 2005. This collaboration led to the creation in 2014 of the Dyson Robotics Laboratory at Imperial College of which he is the Director and founder. (Over 9,500 citations and an h-index of 36)

Australian Centre for Robotic Vision
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