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Robots don’t destroy jobs, they create them: Amazon

Centre Research Fellow Jürgen ‘Juxi’ Leitner added his voice to an important topic on impact of the robot economy in an article in the Australian Financial Review.

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For further information on the question of robots and jobs, read Australia’s first Robotics Roadmap released in June 2018. It shows how the fourth industrial revolution, characterised by automation and increasing use of robots, will not replace but create jobs, with the potential to boost Australia’s productivity by $2.2 trillion over the next 15 years.

Thanks to the Robotics Roadmap, we also now know that Australia has more than 1,100 companies (both small businesses and large corporations), conservatively employing more than 50,000 people and generating revenue of $12 billion.

To help ensure the Roadmap remains a ‘living document’ the Centre recently launched a ‘Robotics in Australia’ website platform to celebrate ongoing advances in the development of a vibrant robot economy: https://www.roboticvision.org/we-want-you-be-a-part-of-australias-robotics-future/

PostedMay 06, 2019

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