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A Conversation with Centre Director Peter Corke

The Australian Centre for Robotic Vision was created in 2014. It’s made up of researchers from four collaborating universities – QUT, The University of Adelaide, Monash University, and the Australian National University (ANU) and brings together the best researchers from the worlds of robotics and computer vision. Led by Centre Director QUT Distinguished Professor Peter Corke, the Centre is now in its fourth year of operation.

In this video interview, Peter talks about the Centre, the research challenges it’s facing, the future of robotic vision, winning the Amazon Robotics Challenge, and even deep learning. (Click on the images below to hear Peter’s answers)

What was your vision when you submitted your plan with the Australian Research Council for funding to create this Centre?



Creating robots that see and understand their environments is really a difficult research problem. How confident are you this a problem that can be tackled, and what role will the Centre play?




The research problem you faced when creating the Centre has already changed quite a bit, thanks to the recent development of ‘deep learning.’ Just what is ‘deep learning’ and how is it helping your research?




One of the big concerns many people have about robotics is the fear that robots will take their jobs. However, you have a much different take on that, especially based on Australia’s economic challenges. How do you see robots impacting the Australian labour market?



One of the great success stories already for you is the fact that your team from the Centre recently won the 2017 Amazon Robotics Challenge, beating out 15 other teams from around the world. In many ways, the competition was the right problem at the right time for this Centre. Why is that?




Peter Corke is a distinguished Professor at the Queensland University of Technology and director of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Robotic Vision in Australia. Previously he was a Senior Principal Research Scientist at the CSIRO ICT Centre where he founded and led the Autonomous Systems laboratory.  He is a Fellow of the IEEE, the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering (ATSE) and Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (HEA). He was the Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE Robotics and Automation magazine; founding editor of the Journal of Field Robotics; member of the editorial board of the International Journal of Robotics Research, and the Springer STAR series. He has over 500 publications in the field, a h-index of 63 and over 20,000 citations. Peter has held visiting positions at the University of Pennsylvania, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Carnegie-Mellon University Robotics Institute, and Oxford University.


Peter was named the 2017 Australian University Teacher of the Year by the Australian Government’s Department of Education and Training. QUT awarded the title of Distinguished Professor recognising his truly outstanding achievements in the emerging field of Robotics.

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