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Monash University and NVIDIA – an Australian first collaboration

Congratulations to our colleagues at Monash University!

After years of successful collaboration with NVIDIA, the relationship has been formalised with Monash University becoming the first spoke of the NVIDIA Technology Centre Asia Pacific – whose hub is in Singapore.

A brilliant imagination and a brilliant piece of code lay behind most new computationally driven developments in science and technology. Monash University researchers have for years developed code to leverage ultra fast processing using the NVIDIA GPU accelerated computing platform, some of which will transform how robots see the world while others help us to understand, for example, protein function.

“To ‘teach’ robots how to see and understand our world we need to write algorithms that can process huge numbers of parameters at the same time. By parameters we mean that the robots need to understand structure, so they can ‘see’ the world in three dimensions, but they also need to ‘know’ what it is they are seeing and where they are in relation to these things,” said Professor Tom Drummond, Chief Investigator in the ARC Centre of Excellence for Robotic Vision.

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PostedMarch 01, 2016

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