Robert Mahony

  • Chief Investigator
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • Australian National University
  • 2014 - 2021

Rob Mahony is a Professor in the Research School of Engineering at the Australian National University and has been a Chief Investigator with the Centre since its inauguration in 2014. His research interests are in non-linear systems theory with applications in robotics and computer vision.

He wrote the seminal paper providing a clear exposition of non-linear complementary filters on the special orthogonal group for attitude estimation; an enabling technology in the early development of quadrotor aerial robotic vehicles.  He was the first to provide a principled analysis for using optical flow of control of aerial robotic vehicles and was a coauthor on the first experimental paper that demonstrated landing of a quadrotor vehicle on a textured but featureless moving surface.

In 2016, Rob was named a Fellow of the IEEE, recognising his contribution to the control aspects of aerial robotics.

He is the leader of the Centre’s Fast Visual Motion Control research project.

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