Ravi Garg

  • Associated Research Fellow
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • University of Adelaide
  • 2014 - 2020

Ravi Garg is an Associated Research Fellow with the Centre and has been a senior Research Associate at the Australian Centre for Visual Technologies, University of Adelaide since 2014. He works with Professor Ian Reid on his Laureate Fellowship project named “Lifelong Computer Vision Systems”. Prior to joining University of Adelaide, he finished his PhD at Queen Mary University of London under the supervision of Professor Lourdes Agapito where he worked on Dense Motion Capture of Deformable Surfaces from Monocular Video.

His current research interest lies in building learnable systems with little or no supervision which can reason about scene geometry as well as semantics. He is exploring how far the visual geometry concepts can help current deep neural network frameworks in scene understanding. In particular, his research focuses on unsupervised learning for single view 3D reconstruction, visual tracking in monocular video and weakly or semi-supervised semantic reasoning in images or videos.

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