Qinfeng ‘Javen’ Shi

Professor Javen Shi is the National Lead and Chief Scientist of Smarter Regions Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) bid (~$160M over 10 years), Director in Advanced Releasing and Learning, Australian Institute for Machine Learning (AIML), and Founding Director of Probabilistic Graphical Model Group at the University of Adelaide.

He has transferred his research to many domains ranging from agriculture, mining, sport, manufacturing, automated trades, computer vision, water utility, health, education and others. One of his very recent achievements is that he formed the team DeepSightX which recently won 2nd place in a global competition to predict mineral deposits in June 2019. One thousand people from 62 countries had entered. In merely 3 months, his team outperformed professional companies with over 40 years experience in mining.  In September, 2019 he and his team helped MIDDOL Pty Ltd win the Golden Prize (1st place) at SAIC Volkswagen’s Logistics Innovation Day in Shanghai. The prize was for the development of MIDDOL’s digital factory, a dashboard that can monitor the processes taking place on the factory floor powered by AI beating VW’s suppliers around the globe.  He and his team were also finalists in SA Department of Energy and Mining’s Gawler Challenge 2020 (over 2k participants from 100+ countries) with the team’s work being considered as “The most innovative modelling” by the judging panel.


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