Nicole Robinson

Dr Nicole Robinson is a Research Fellow at Monash University and joined the Centre at QUT in 2018. She has led clinical trials and experimental studies involving the use of robots in human-robot interaction. She has also conducted research in the healthcare field, including the translation of psychotherapeutic and healthcare programs to be delivered by a social robot. Nicole has disseminated her research and knowledge through television, radio, print articles and festival stages (Tedx, SCOPE TV, ABC Live Radio and News, Channel 7 & 9 News, IBT, MIT Technology Review, Phys.Org, Gizmodo, World Science Festival, Robotronica). Nicole left Brisbane for Melbourne in 2020 and has a cross appointment between the Faculty of Engineering and the Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health at Monash University. She is affiliated with the Department of Electrical & Computer Systems Engineering and the School of Psychological Sciences.

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