Mehrtash Harandi

Dr Mehrtash Harandi is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering at Monash University. He is also a contributing research scientist in the Machine Learning Research Group (MLRG) at Data61/CSIRO and joined the Centre as an Associate Investigator in September 2018.

Before joining Monash University, he spent 5 years at the Canberra Research Laboratory-NICTA, working with Professor Richard Hartley and Professor Richard Nock.  With broad interests in machine learning, computer vision, and signal processing, he develops algorithms and mathematical models to equip machines with intelligence. He holds a PhD and Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Tehran.

Mehrtash received $275K from NFRFE to develop AI architectures for reliable prediction and optimization of advanced manufacturing processes, $555K from Data61-CSIRO for the project “Trustworthy Learning from Limited Data”, and was awarded $385K from the ARC for the discovery Project “Semantic Vectorization: From Bitmaps to Intelligent Representations”.  His 2019 papers have been accepted into CVPR, ECCV, IEEE Transactions on Pattern A analysis and Machine Intelligence (TPAMI), IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems (TNNLS) and IEEE Transactions on Image Processing (TIP). In his free time, Mehrtash enjoys playing video games.

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