Jürgen (Juxi) Leitner

Dr Jürgen “Juxi” Leitner is co-founder of LYRO Robotics, a startup creating the brain, the eyes, and the hands for smart robotic systems. LYRO Machine Intelligence enables robots to pick and pack a large range of objects, thanks to a tight integration of computer vision and robotic manipulation. It powers the world’s first general fresh produce, pattern-packing robotic system that LYRO developed and deployed in the last year.

Juxi is associated with QUT through student supervision and project management at the interaction of vision, robotics, and manipulation. Before starting LYRO he led the Manipulation and Vision project within the Centre and, most notably, he lead Team ACRV into victory at the 2017 Amazon Robotics Challenge team.

Juxi is a globally known presenter and regular guest speaker at conferences across the world. He received his PhD from the Università della Svizzera italiana for his work on making the iCub humanoid robot see and interact with the world while working at the Dalle Molle Institute for AI (IDSIA). Further experience includes working at the European Space Agency’s Advanced Concepts Team, a Joint European Master in Space Science and Technology (SpaceMaster) and a BSc degree in Computer Science from the Vienna University of Technology.

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