Jonathan Roberts

Jonathan is Professor in Robotics at QUT. His main research interest is in the areas of Field, Medical and Design Robotics and, in particular, making machines operate autonomously in unstructured or semi-structured environments. He graduated from the University of Southampton, UK, with an Honours degree in Aerospace Systems Engineering in 1991. Jonathan furthered his interest in computer vision while completing a PhD (1991-1994) at the University of Southampton where he also developed skills in parallel computing.

Jonathan joined QUT in 2014 as Professor in Robotics and co-founded QUT’s Medical and Healthcare Robotics team while at the same time co-developing QUT’s capability in the area of Design Robotics with his close collaborator, Dr Jared Donovan.

Jonathan is currently the Technical Director of the Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing (ARM) Hub and is the Centre Director of the newly formed ARC Training Centre for Collaborative Robotics in Advanced Manufacturing.  Jonathan regularly appears in the media (radio and TV) and is a writer for The Conversation.

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