Jason Ford

Jason is a Professor at QUT and an Associate Investigator in the Centre in the area of vision and action with application to remote inspection and monitoring. He has expertise in decision systems for dynamic systems, including robotic and autonomous systems, that can reliably operate in the presence of uncertainty and error. His current research interests include aerial platform autonomy for infrastructure inspection and low signal-to-noise ratio anomalous signal detection with application in aerospace and other domains.

He graduated from ANU with bachelor degrees in science and engineering, before furthering his interest in control systems by completing a PhD at the same institution.

Since 2007, Jason has been working at QUT on control of aerospace systems with a particular focus on automated vision based collision avoidance systems for unmanned aerial vehicles, and the automation of fixed-wing aircraft for precision flight for high quality, large scale inspection of power line distribution networks. His work with colleagues has been licensed, commercialised for automation aircraft for infrastructure inspection leading to savings to the state of Queensland (alone) estimated to exceed $40M/year.

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