Yizhak (Itzik) Ben-Shabat

Itzik joined the Centre as a Research Fellow at ANU in July 2019. Previously, he was a PhD student at Technion Israel Institute of Technology where he worked on “Classification, segmentation, and geometric analysis of 3D point clouds using deep learning” under the supervision of Professor Anath Fischer and Michael Lindenbaum. Itzik completed his Bsc. Cum Laude in 2008 and his Msc. Summa Cum Laude in 2015 (Mechanical Engineering, Technion). His research interests lie at the intersection of robotic perception, 3D computer vision, and geometric analysis, usually using 3D point cloud data.

During his time at the Centre, he played a key role in the IKEA assembly dataset team, joined the RVSS organizing committee and presented DeepFit, a novel surface fitting method, at ECCV 2020 as an oral presentation – “My mission is to make beautifully practical and accessible 3D data algorithms to change the world”.

In his quest to make research accessible he built an online FaceBook community for computer vision, machine and deep learning researchers, in academia and industry across Australia.

He writes a viewable research blog where he shares his latest research in a language that non-experts can also understand.

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