Gordon Wyeth

Gordon was Executive Dean of QUT’s Science and Engineering faculty and a Professor of Robotics who contributed to the Semantic Vision theme of the Centre. He also provided connections from Semantic Vision into the Vision and Action theme, and contributed to the development of robotic systems in the Centre’s Application areas.

Gordon holds a PhD and a Bachelor of Engineering degree (with honours) in Computer Systems Engineering. He is the President of IEEE Control Systems, Robotics and Automation Queensland chapter, former president of the Australian Robotics and Automation Association and has served in various leadership positions in the RoboCup International Federation. He serves in various editorial positions for leading international robotics journals and conferences. Gordon’s team has designed and constructed more than twenty types of robots, including flying robots, wall-climbing robots, high performance wheeled robots, legged robots, manipulators and a humanoid robot. His robot soccer team, the RoboRoos, have been runners-up three times in the RoboCup World Cup of robot soccer. Gordon’s research is internationally recognised for building practical and useful robots that exploit, explain and expand models of living systems. (Over 2,000 citations and an h-index of 22).

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