Chris Lehnert

Dr Chris Lehnert is a Robotics Lecturer within the Robotics and Autonomous Systems (RAS) discipline at QUT. His research interests lie in the development of novel methods for robotic manipulation in real world and challenging environments. A particular focus of his research has been on enabling robots to perform autonomous harvesting operations in horticulture. He led a small team of PhD students, post-doctoral fellows and engineers in developing new robotic technologies for horticulture through the Strategic Investment in Farm Robotics (SIFR) program at QUT.

He was part of the Team ACRV competing in the 2017 Amazon Robotics Challenge, where he led the development of the grasping and planning algorithms which could successfully grasp a large variety of objects in a cluttered environment. Chris completed his PhD in 2015 in learning robot control at QUT under the supervision of Centre Chief Investigator Professor Gordon Wyeth. His dissertation developed a learning control system that can adapt to the system model of an imprecisely manufactured robot to achieve high performance on a low-cost system. Chris became a Research Affiliate with the Centre in 2016, before becoming an Associate Investigator with the Centre in April 2019.

He is part of the Future Food Systems CRC which was announced in April 2019 and will receive $35 million in funding over 10 years from the Federal Government, along with almost $150 million in support from the research centre’s educational and commercial participants. He will be working on developing robotics and smart technology for vertical and indoor protected cropping.


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