Penguin Pi

A small mobile robot the Penguin Pi couples a proven mobility platform with a Rasberry Pi as well as software resources. Developed in the Centre by a group of researchers and students, Penguin Pi offers the perfect introduction to robotics for high school or undergraduate students.

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August 24, 2020 2:14 pm

Such a great, versatile teaching tool. Really enjoyed using it to teach motor control, visual deep learning control and EKF-SLAM!

Ben Talbot
Ben Talbot
August 25, 2020 6:18 pm

I taught the advanced robotics subject when it used Lego Mindstorms (the robots before a decision was made to move to something custom made). See the attached photos for some context of what we were using, and how radically the Penguin Pi improved that experience for the students. Gone are the days of messing around with Bluetooth, carrying cables around behind the robot, and hoping for no topples…. the Penguin Pi is whole new world.