Harvey, the robotic capsicum harvester, is an agriculture robot prototype designed to robotically identify and harvest capsicums. Harvey’s robotic arm has a camera and a unique cutting tool attached.  Using data from the camera, the robot creates a 3D model of each fruit and its surroundings, and then plans and controls the robotic arm and cutting tool as it locates and detaches the fruit.

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Russel Rankin, Director, Food Innovation Partners
Russel Rankin, Director, Food Innovation Partners
August 18, 2020 2:44 pm

The Australian horticulture industry remains heavily reliant on manual labour, making it highly affected by scarcity and labour costs. The Centre was key to development of the robotic vision system and 3D modelling to enable autonomous capsicum picking. The prototype capsicum harvesting platform “Harvey” has been tested in the field, to prove the operational concepts. The platform now requires commercialisation and testing under commercial operating conditions.
The value of Australian capsicum and chilli production in 2008-09 was $124.9 million, It is Australia’s 7th largest vegetable crop, accounting for 4.1% of total vegetable production by value.
This commercialisation of this technology has the potential to create significant impact on Australia’s vegetable industry.

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