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Our Legacy Jam is based on the IBM Innovation Jam created almost 20 years ago.  Originally designed as an internal experiment, the Innovation Jam is now considered a proven tool for driving innovation and collaboration. It’s particularly useful at bringing a broad group of people together virtually to have a conversation around a topic or topics. The nature of the event is such that it can cut across geographical barriers, time differences, organisational hierarchy and even personality types, to give each participant a direct voice to discuss a topic of strategic importance.

The Legacy Jam will commence on Wednesday 12 August 2020 and will run through until Wednesday 26 August 2020.

The Legacy Jam is an online interactive collaborative event designed to gain the thoughts and opinions of all the members of the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision, past and present.  This includes our academic staff, professional staff, students, Advisory Board Members and partners.

In less than six months the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision will end, at which time we want to deliver a legacy website that we can all be proud of. We want our legacy to tell the story of who we were and share the very best of our achievements.

At the end of 2019, a Legacy Working Party was established, chaired by Kylie Ahern from the Centre’s Advisory Board and with representatives from each node. Together with the Centre Executive Committee, the Working Party developed a list of our achievements. Some of these relate to individuals, and others relate to teams or belong to the collective.

Once we had this list we asked ourselves two questions:

  1. Have we forgotten anything?
  2. What should be our ‘Hero’ stories of what is possible when the best-of-the-best are given an objective and some resources?

That’s when we decided we needed to throw it to the people!  We needed YOUR help.

The Jam is designed to collect your opinions around what our legacy story should look like so we can inspire others with what has been achieved, learnt and enjoyed.

We are going to use the information from the Legacy Jam to direct the stories we should focus on when we develop our legacy website and final annual report. We will also use it to celebrate the Centre’s highlights at RoboVis.

We might also do some fun stuff with it! Like share your fun memories of favourite pictures in a video presentation at RoboVis.

If you want to share something with us but are not sure if you want it public or you’d prefer it was published anonymously then feel free to contact Renee Bamminger at and she will be able to assist you.

Comments that you provide under each project or activity will not be private. They will be published under the name or nickname you include the first time you comment. However, if you share a memory or message on the home page these will be vetted by select members of the Centre Operations team. If you are happy to share a comment but want it to be anonymous then just include this in your message or email Renee Bamminger directly at

We have two prizes on offer.  One for the best comment or memory and one for the best contributor to our legacy discussions.

The recipients will have the choice between several different prizes approximately $500 in value. These include a drone, graphics card, telescope, robot vacuum cleaner, Westfield gift card* or coffee machine.

*not available for a QUT staff member.

The recipients of each prize will be chosen by the Executive and their decision is final.  Preference will be given to creative responses and individuals who are active and engaged in the Legacy Jam throughout the two week event.

You can contact:

Renee Bamminger – Communications Specialist at

Katrina Tune – Chief Operating Officer at

The galleries will host a selection of people’s comments, suggestions and photos.  They will be hidden to begin with and will appear on the home page the day after the Legacy Jam commences once the content starts to flow in.

If you are viewing the Legacy Jam on a mobile device and are using Safari as your browser, you will not be able to upload any photos.  You will need to change your browser to Explorer, Chrome or Firefox.