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Welcome to the Centre’s Legacy Jam! Since our establishment, the Centre, or more specifically, all of you, have been global pioneers in this new field of robotic vision.  As we enter our final six months, the Centre’s Executive Committee have had an opportunity to reflect on all that we have done and all that’s been achieved.

We are so proud to have led such a talented and committed group of individuals in our ambition to create robots that can see and understand. We want to ensure that for ourselves and for all our stakeholders, we accurately identify and appropriately celebrate our achievements and then we share these with the world on our Centre’s Legacy website.

The Legacy Jam is a two-week interactive online event that provides an opportunity for our team, past and present, to collaborate simultaneously and irrespective of our geographical distance, role or level.  It’s a way for us to collect your ideas and opinions and ensure that these are included as part of our Centre’s Legacy.

Together with the Legacy Working Party we’ve made a start, collating what we believe to be the best of what we’ve done since 2014. We’ve categorised these things into four themes which are listed below.  Now we want your input.

Here’s what we’d like you to do…

Share a memory or tell us what we’ve missed.

On the right side of this website you will see two buttons.

The first will take you to a form where you can share a memory, tell us your favourite thing about the Centre, or perhaps upload a photo that tells the story for you?

The second is where you can let us know if we’ve forgotten something or perhaps we’ve made a mistake.


These comments and photos will not appear automatically but will instead be emailed to the Centre’s Operations Team who will curate them and upload them to a gallery our homepage.

Help us select our Top 10!

Click on our four themes further down this page, under Our Work, and one by one navigate to the list of activities under each theme.  You can then select an activity to read more about it, like it and make a comment.  Just remember that these comments, once submitted, will appear just like a social media thread in the section under the activity, so others will be able to read each comment and respond.  We think everything we have listed within the Jam is amazing but we would like to develop a Top 10 list that collectively we think deserves a little extra attention on our Centre’s legacy website.  We’ll do this by tracking those activities that receive the most ‘likes’!

Remember this Jam will be running for two weeks and the idea is that you should check in multiple times throughout the two weeks. We’d love to see some discussion occurring around those hotly contended projects vying for our top 10 list.  As the Jam progresses, a Leaderboard will appear on our homepage and you’ll be able to see, and potentially impact, the final result!

We have just two rules.  Be creative and be respectful!

It’s so important that we ALL give our voice to the Centre’s final legacy and you contribute as much as you can. But….  just in case you need a little incentive, we’re going to offer a prize (and a good one at that) to two lucky contributors of our Legacy Jam.  To find out what prizes are on offer or to get clarification on how the Jam works head over to our FAQ’s to find out more.

Now. Go!

Australian, Centre for Robotic Vision Executive Committee

Our Work

What have we done? Well, lots actually…

The Australian Centre for Robotic Vision was established in 2014 as a Centre of Excellence and given a $25.6 million grant over seven years to tackle the critical and complex challenge of applying computer vision to robotics.  We are the biggest expert body of our kind on the planet and believe that the ability to see, to visually understand the complex world around us and respond to it, is critical for the next generation of robots that will perform useful work in a wide range of domains.

Our priority has been to generate internationally impactful science and new technologies that will transform vital industries and provide solutions to some of the hard economic and social challenges facing Australia and the world.

During our time our incredible interdisciplinary research team has undertaken some amazing work and achieved more than we ever imagined. Below is a snapshot… let us know what you think. Have we missed anything? Rate what you loved the most.