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Dr Anjali Jaiprakash named Queensland Young Tall Poppy

Congratulations to our own robobiologist Dr Anjali Jaiprakash named a Queensland Young Tall Poppy in this year’s awards. Dr Jaiprakash has been honoured for excellence in her field of medical robotics and is working on the development of a vision-based robotic leg-manipulation system for knee ...

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Centre Chief Investigator launches education “Kickstarter” program

Centre Chief Investigator Michael Milford (QUT) is aiming to inspire the next generation of scientists, creating “The STEM Storybook” – a collection of 12 picture books for children covering topics ranging from statistics to robotics. Michael has launched the STEM Storybook as a pr...

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Say hello to Pepper as Brisbane hosts largest robotics festival

Brisbane and QUT will be hosting “Robotronica” on Sunday 20 August. In the lead-up to the event, the Brisbane Times talked to Centre Project Manager Belinda Ward about Pepper the robot and social robotics. Here is that article. ...

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Aussies Win Amazon Robotics Challenge

Our Centre team won the Amazon Robotics Challenge. Here is the Article from IEEE Spectrum talking about the team’s win. ...

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Grasping Robots Compete to Rule Amazon’s Warehouses

The Centre’s Amazon Robotics Challenge Team and its leader, Dr Juxi Leitner, were featured in an Article in Wired looking at the Competition and why it’s so important to Amazon. ...

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Deep Learning Workshop Success at RSS 2017

Centre researchers ran a successful “New Frontiers for Deep Learning in Robotics” workshop at the Robotics: Science and Systems Conference in Boston. Luminary speakers including convolutional net founder Yann LeCun of Facebook AI spoke about challenges and opportunities in deep learning ...

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New camera designed by Stanford researchers could improve robot vision and virtual reality

Image credits including slider image: L.A. Cicero/Stanford News ServiceStanford engineers have developed a 4D camera with an extra-wide field of view. They believe this camera can be better than current options for close-up robotic vision and augmented reality. Centre Research Affiliate Dr Do...

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The future of artificial intelligence: two experts disagree

Not everyone agrees on how artificial intelligence will change the way we live. But it’s not all doom and gloom either. Centre Chief Investigator Michael Milford and University of Queensland Postdoctoral Researcher Peter Stratton present two differing opinions in this Article in The Conversati...

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Driverless cars: university competition to build the fastest vehicle to drive itself

The Australian Centre for Robotic Vision was proud to be a sponsor of the Droid Racing Challenge held at the Queensland University of Technology. Centre Director Peter Corke talked to ABC news about the event, and its significance when it comes to driverless car technology.   ...

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Robotics in Surgery – an Article in The Conversation from our Medical Robotics Team

Surgeons say minor unintentional damage can happen during surgery, and much of that goes unreported. They say they would be prepared to use robotic tools if they could be shown to help. Centre Medical Robotics researchers Anjali Jaiprakash, Jonathan Roberts and Ross Crawford explain in this Article ...

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Centre Director Peter Corke Awarded Title of “Distinguished Professor”

Queensland University of Technology (QUT) has awarded the title of Distinguished Professor to Professor Peter Corke for his outstanding achievements in the field of robotics. Professor Corke is a founding member of the highly successful Robotics research group at QUT and Director of the ARC Centre o...

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How to backup life on earth ahead of any doomsday event

Centre Chief Investigator Jonathan Roberts tackles a very interesting topic in this Article in The Conversation – what should be done to make sure we have a backup plan should any catastrophic event wipe out much of life on Earth. ...

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