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Best practices in designing effective roadmaps for robotics innovation

Centre Chief Investigator Peter Corke and Centre Chief Operating Officer Sue Keay took part in a panel discussion on the creation of robotics roadmaps. The panel had an in-depth discussion on regional differences in roadmap motivation, leadership, and strategy design from the perspectives of governm...

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Exploring the Ethics of Robots

Robotics and artificial intelligence are increasingly present in our lives. Sometimes it’s obvious, in military drones and autonomous sex robots – but banks, hotels and delivery services are all adopting AI as well. Last year business magnate Elon Musk along with other technologists wrot...

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An Interview with Peter Corke

The Australian robotics researcher, award-winning teacher, and Centre Director Peter Corke discusses the importance of hands-on learning and why robots won’t be taking our jobs any time soon in an interview with Times Higher Education. ...

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Famed roboticist awarded QUT Honorary Doctorate

QUT awards famed roboticist and MIT Emeritus Professor Rodney Brooks an Honorary Doctorate. Centre members met with Brooks and he talks about the Centre’s research in this story from QUT.   ...

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Robotics researchers track autonomous underground mining vehicles

QUT robotics researchers have developed new technology to equip underground mining vehicles to navigate autonomously through dust, camera blur and bad lighting. Using mathematics and biologically-inspired algorithms, the technology uses vehicle-mounted cameras to track the location of the vehicle in...

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We need robots that can improvise, but it’s not easy to teach them right from wrong

Centre Researchers Jonathan Roberts, Michael Milford, and Feras Dayoub write on why we have a long way to go before we can build sophisticated robots with a moral compass in this Article in The Conversation. ...

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Australia Post to trial autonomous robot parcel delivery service in Brisbane

Centre Chief Investigator Jonathan Roberts talks about Australia Post’s plan to trial autonomous parcel delivery service in Brisbane in this article in the Courier Mail. ...

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Thor: Ragnarok pitches superheroes against science (and how does Hulk keep his pants on?)

Centre researchers (and movie critics) Michael Milford and Juxi Leitner break down the science in the latest Thor movie, “Thor: Ragnorak,” in this article in The Conversation ...

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Brisbane’s turn in Australia’s first robotics roadmap

23 October 2017: Australia is set to have its very first Robotics and Computer Vision Roadmap with the world-leading Australian Centre for Robotic Vision driving the important initiative and the focus turns to Brisbane with the Resources workshop. The invite-only Brisbane workshop brings together le...

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Making Robots See

Centre Director Peter Corke and Deputy Directors Ian Reid and Rob Mahony are featured in an article in Cosmos Magazine talking about the Centre, as well as the research problem we’re trying to tackle – creating robots that see and understand their environments. ...

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Future vision: Plans unveiled for Australia’s first robotics roadmap

Centre Chief Operating Officer Sue Keay talks about the Centre’s plans to create a robotics and computer vision roadmap for Australia in this article in Robotics Today. ...

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Developing our Future Knowledge Leaders

Centre launches Knowledge Leadership program for Research Fellows and PhD students We have an important responsibility to nurture the next generation of knowledge leaders, innovating robotic vision experts who will go on to work in industry, government and academia. Our research fellows and PhD rese...

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