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Digital diagnosis: intelligent machines do a better job than humans

Associate Investigators Professor Jon Roberts, Professor Ross Crawford and Post-Doctoral Research Fellow Dr Anjali Jaiprakash’s Article in The Conversation on intelligent machines and digital diagnosis. ...

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How do robots “see” the world?

Associate Investigator Professor Jonathan Roberts discusses how robots ‘see’ the world in this Article in The Conversation. ...

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Star Wars: these could be the droids we’re looking for in real life

Associate Investigator Professor Jonathan Roberts’ Article in The Conversation discusses how close the droids in the new Star Wars movie are to real-life robots. The article was republished by Business Insider Australia, Australasian Science and IFL Science. ...

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Starfish Hunter’s Machine Learning System

The Crown-of-Thorns starfish eradicating robot COTSbot was featured in an article on machine learning in Business Insider Australia. ...

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Centre Researcher Named One of Queensland’s Best & Brightest

Centre Researcher Matt Dunbabin was named one of Queensland’s Best and Brightest for 2015. ...

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Channel 7 visits QUT’s robots

Channel 7 explored QUT’s range of cutting-edge environmental monitoring robots and its upcoming Robotronica spectacular....

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Robots are coming to Brisbane

Explore robotics at QUT in Brisbane. Robotronica is coming on Sunday 23rd August as part of National Science Week @Aus_ScienceWeek Prepare for an invasion of cute. ...

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