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Farmer rivals Outback Joe in accident-prone stakes

The 2018 UAV Challenge made headlines across Rural Weekly Group. The world’s biggest airborne robotics challenge (organised by QUT with the support of the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision) unearthed an unlikely hero. Farmer Doug Browne, whose Dalby property the UAV Challenge takes place on – and who, like ‘Outback Joe’ (the accident prone dummy at the centre of the flying robot rescue challenge), has had his fair share of scrapes over the years. The 72-year-old, was sucked under flood waters and snared on a barbed wire fence during the 2010-11 Queensland Floods, needing to be airlifted out by a neighbour with a helicopter. As Doug says: “I was pretty lucky to survive that one. My legs were pretty cut up. Another time, I was knocked out cold when working on a stationary road train. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time when the tarp fell off and a piece of metal hit me on the head!” Not surprisingly, Doug is the first to applaud the life-saving search and rescue mission behind the UAV Challenge.


PostedSeptember 27, 2018

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