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Centre spin-out LYRO Robotics secures seed funding to build AI-powered pick and pack robots

Imagine a future when useful workplace robots – robots that work alongside humans, able to see and understand the job at hand – are deployed on call-out duties when people aren’t available to service time-critical industries.

The future is now. LYRO Robotics is on the case developing the algorithms, vision systems, and grippers – ‘the brain, eyes, and hand’ – making the above vision a reality. The Brisbane-based venture is an innovative spin-out from the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision. The company is commercialising its world-leading robotic picking and packing technology for deployment in Australia’s warehouses, supply chains, and logistics operations.

Less than six months after incorporating LYRO Robotics, Managing Director and Co-founder Jürgen ‘Juxi’ Leitner and his team are celebrating their first international investment partnership with Japan’s Toyo Kanetsu. The deep-tech investor, with interests in advancing artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT) and robotics, has recognised the value of the ambitious startup, injecting seed funding through its corporate venture capital fund, Toyo Kanetsu Corporate Venture Investment Partnership.

Dr Leitner previously led the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision’s Manipulation and Vision research program. The genesis of LYRO Robotics was born after he led a Centre team to victory at the 2017 Amazon Robotics Challenge in Japan with the only custom-built robot in the global competition. He launched the startup with former Centre Research Fellow Nicole Robinson (LYRO Robotics Director of HRI and Business Development) and former Centre Research Student Norton Kelly-Boxall (LYRO Robotics Director of Engineering).

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PostedFebruary 06, 2020

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