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Centre Director Peter Corke named 2017 Australian University Teacher of the Year

Robotics is a passion for Professor Peter Corke.

For decades, he’s been on the forefront of robotics research, including the last four years as Director for the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision.

Along the way, though, Prof Corke has been very active in teaching what he knows.

Because of that, Prof Corke was just named as the “2017 Australian University Teacher of the Year” by the Australian Government’s Department of Education and Training at a ceremony in Melbourne.

“Personally, it recognises the efforts I’ve been putting into creating teaching resources for people to learn about robotics. I started doing this some 20 years ago, and have tried many things along the way,” said Prof Corke.

Those efforts include open-source software, a series of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), online lectures, the establishment of the innovative online global Robot Academy, and the publication of a popular textbook, Robotics, Vision and Control.

“Professor Corke has made an outstanding contribution to the physical sciences curriculum with his innovative and engaging teaching of robotics, engaging both his peers and students in Australia and overseas with inventive, high quality robotics education curricula, delivered in the classroom and online,” said Federal Minister for Education and Training Simon Birmingham.

Prof Corke says the award also shows there’s a huge interest in robotics.

“There are big research problems still out there that need to be solved. But there’s plenty of robotics and vision knowledge that can be applied to robotics applications today.  We need to help the next generation get up to speed with all this existing knowledge as painlessly as possible,” said Prof Corke.

The award follows an honour earlier this year, where his home university of QUT bestowed him the title of Distinguished Professor.

“Peter Corke’s highly effective and engaging approach to learning and teaching is founded on his deep passion for robotics, his world-class research and a desire to make learning in robotics accessible to all,” said QUT Vice-Chancellor Professor Coaldrake.

Professor Corke was also named a Fellow in 2017 by the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering (ATSE).



PostedDecember 15, 2017

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