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Winter is here!

Have you had your flu vaccination?


The social robotics team at the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision believes robots like Pepper can play an important role educating people about public health.

In 2018, the Centre supported an Australia-first trial of a Pepper robot at Townsville Hospital and Health Service. One of Pepper’s roles involved talking to people at the hospital about the importance of getting vaccinated against the flu.

Social robots can also be used to reassure people, provide information about healthcare plans, or gather feedback about a patient’s experience.

The Centre’s research, sponsored by the Queensland Government, is assessing the capabilities of social robots and using Pepper to explore applications where social robots can deliver value beyond their novelty appeal. Pepper is a SoftBank Robotics robot.

In a new trial, the Centre’s team has placed Pepper into a QUT Health Clinic at Kelvin Grove Campus. The three-month study to June 2019 involves Pepper delivering a brief health assessment and providing customised feedback that can be taken to a health practitioner to discuss issues around physical activity, dietary intake, alcohol use and smoking.

Members of the public who are registered as patients at the QUT Health Clinic are invited to take part in this trial.

For more information on the Centre’s work creating robots able to see and understand like humans, download our 2018 Annual Report.

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