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Brisbane’s turn in Australia’s first robotics roadmap

23 October 2017: Australia is set to have its very first Robotics and Computer Vision Roadmap with the world-leading Australian Centre for Robotic Vision driving the important initiative and the focus turns to Brisbane with the Resources workshop.

The invite-only Brisbane workshop brings together leaders in Australian academia, industry and government and will cover how robotics could benefit the Mining, Mining Equipment, technology and services sector and Energy sector however even if you’ve not been invited, your thoughts are still welcome.

“Australia currently has a real advantage in Robotics and Computer Vision at this point in time and, as a national research centre and the world’s first research centre specialising in robotic vision, we want to make sure Australia really benefits from these new technologies,” the Centre’s Chief Operating Officer Sue Keay said.

“We have identified six sectors that are key to the Australian economy – resources, built and natural environment, manufacturing, services and healthcare – and in addition to formal workshops involving government, academia and industry, we are calling for submissions from interested Australians and Australian companies to help us create Australia’s very first robotics and computer vision roadmap.”

“Australia is currently ranked 30th in the world for global automation according to the International Federation of Robotics[1] despite our high levels of niche manufacturing. So, on the surface, while we are Robotic leaders in many areas, it appears Australia is lagging on this measure and that’s of concern.”

“Australia’s first Robotics and Computer Vision Roadmap is about more than just making industries more automated. The strength of our Robotics and Computer Vision technologies will drive the transformation of existing industries and create whole new industries. This has significant impact for the future of Australia’s workforce as well as ensuring we have vibrant, competitive and sustainable industry sectors.”

“These are technologies that can solve many of the key challenges facing Australia in terms of productivity and sustainability,” Sue said. “Our Robotics and Computer Vision Roadmap will give us a clearer idea of what the industry looks like in Australia and how best to support take-up up by existing companies and create new companies based on these technologies.”

US released its third Roadmap for US Robotics in 2016 while the UK and Singapore also have Robotic Roadmaps. The Australian Centre for Robotic Vision will release Australia’s first robotics and computer vision roadmap in May 2018 as part of the World International Conference in Robotics and Automation in Brisbane. This will be the first time the Conference has been held in the Southern Hemisphere.

More information about submissions, workshops and the roadmap is available here https://www.roboticvision.org/sector-workshops-to-develop-a-robotic-and-computer-vision-roadmap-for-australia/

MEDIA CONTACT: Sue Keay M. 0408 778 667 E. sue.keay@roboticvision.org

About The Australian Centre for Robotic Vision 

The Australian Centre for Robotic Vision has been funded $25.6 million over 7 years to form the largest collaborative group of its kind generating internationally impactful science and new technologies that will transform important Australian industries and provide solutions to some of the hard challenges facing Australia and the globe.

Formed in 2014, The Australian Centre for Robotic Vision is the world’s first research centre specialising in robotic vision. The group of researchers are on a mission to give robots the ability to see and understand for the sustainable wellbeing of people and the environments we live in.

The Australian Centre for Robotic Vision has assembled an interdisciplinary research team from four leading Australian research universities- QUT, The University of Adelaide (UoA), The Australian National University (ANU), and Monash University as well as CSIRO’s Data61 and overseas universities and research organisations including INRIA Rennes Bretagne, Georgia Institute of Technology, Imperial College London, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, and the University of Oxford.

[1] https://ifr.org/ifr-press-releases/news/world-robotics-report-2016

PostedOctober 23, 2017

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