Dr Sue Keay: Superstar of STEM

The Centre’s own Chief Operating Officer, Dr Sue Keay, was recognised by Science & Technology Australia as one of their inaugural “Superstars of STEM”. Sue was one of only 30 women, from around the country selected from more than 300 applicants. The program’s goal is to help women learn how to speak about their science and inspiring others to consider careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

Sue has been the Centre’s COO since its inception in 2014, and is passionate about raising the profile of technology among women, in an effort to make sure Australia is poised to take advantage of new technologies. Speaking about “Superstars of STEM”, Sue said, “The program is vital to ensure women participate, and stay engaged, in STEM.”

“There are very few women in technology. There are even fewer in robotics and computer vision. Yet the opportunities to change the world through these fields is incredible,” she said.

Science & Technology Australia’s President, Professor Emma Johnston said “We want Australian girls to realise that there are some amazing, capable and impressive women working as scientists and technologists too, and that they work in and out of the lab in places you might not expect,”

As a mother of two daughters, Sue has always felt a responsibility to make sure there are more STEM opportunities for young women.