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*denotes Core Centre Research Output


3DV  – International Conference on 3D Vision

ACRA  – Australasian Conference on Robotics and Automation (run by Australian Robotics and Automation Association)

AI – Associate Investigator

ANU – Australian National University

APRS – Australian Pattern Recognition Society

ARAA – Australian Robotics and Automation Association

ARC Australian Research Council

CAC – Centre Advisory Committee

CEC – Centre Executive Committee

CI – Chief Investigator

COTSbot – Crown Of Thorns Starfish robot

CVPR – IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition

DICTA – International Conference on Digital Image Computing: Techniques and Applications (premier conference of the Australian Pattern Recognition Society)

DPhil – Doctor of Philosophy (Oxford abbreviation)

DST -Defence Science and Technology

EOI – Expression of Interest

EUAB – End-User Advisory Board

FPGA – Field-Programmable Gate Array

IBVS – Image-Based Visual Servo

ICIP – IEEE International Conference on Image Processing

ICRA – IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation

ICT – Information and Communications Technology

IEEE – Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

IET – Institution of Engineering and Technology

IROS – International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems

ISWC – International Semantic Web Conference

KPIs – Key Performance Indicators

MOOC – Massive Open Online Course

MVG – Multi View Geometry

NRP – National Research Priority

PhD – Doctor of Philosophy (international abbreviation)

PI – Partner Investigator

QUT – Queensland University of Technology

RHD – Research Higher Degree

RF – Research Fellow

SLAM – Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping

SRPs – Science and Research Priorities

VOS – Vision Operating System

Key Terms

algorithm  //  A procedure or formula for solving a problem, typically implemented by computer software. For example, there are algorithms to help robots determine their location in the world, to navigate safely, to process images or recognise objects.

artificial intelligence  //  Intelligent behaviour demonstrated in machines.

autonomous  //  Without human intervention.

Bayesian (Bayes) nets (networks)  //  Graphical representations for probabilistic relationships among a set of random variables.

computer vision  //  Methods for acquiring, processing, analysing and understanding images using a computer.

deep learning  //  A method of machine learning based on neural networks with many and varied layers that are able to form representations of data based on large amounts of training data.

haptic controls  //  Incorporate tactile sensors that measure the forces exerted by the user and mimic human actions to control a machine.

homography  //  The relationship between any two images of the same planar surface in space.

machine learning  //  A type of artificial intelligence that gives computers the ability to learn based on large amounts of training data and without needing to be explicitly programmed.

neural network  //  A computer system very loosely modelled on neurons and synaptic connections found in biological brains.

semantics  //  Automatically applying meaningful human terms like ‘kitchen’ or ‘coffee cup’ to places or objects in the robotic vision system’s environment. Semantics are important to help robots understand their environment by recognising different features and labelling or classifying them.

servo  //  A system that uses negative feedback to automatically correct its error.

SLAM (Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping)  //  A robotics algorithm that allows a robot to determine its position in an environment while at the same time constructing a map of its surrounds.

support vector machine (SVM)  //  Classifies data by finding the best hyperplane that separates all data points of one class from those of another class.