Our History

ARC Centres of Excellence are prestigious foci of expertise through which high-quality researchers collaboratively maintain and develop Australia’s international standing in research areas of national priority.

Centres are hubs of strategic collaboration between universities, publicly-funded research organisations, other research bodies, governments and businesses in Australia and overseas. We strive to produce outstanding research that has social, economic and scientific significance.

Distinguished Professor Peter Corke (QUT) and Professor Robert Mahony (ANU) identified the opportunity to bring the disciplines of robotics and computer vision together when the ARC invited applications in 2012 for new Centres of Excellence. A team of chief investigators formed in 2013 and plans were developed for a Centre for Robotic Vision. After finalising our collaborative partner agreements in mid-2014 the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision was born. We formally launched in 2015, and have grown to involve more than 200 people across the world. The Australian Centre for Robotic Vision is an unincorporated collaborative venture between interdisciplinary researchers from leading Australian and international research organisations shown below.