At the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision, we are striving to lead the world in the new discipline of robotic vision by applying computer vision to the domain of robotics. We are the largest robotic vision group in the world with more than 200 people and $25.6m funding over seven years.

Our Vision

Creating robots that see and understand for the sustainable wellbeing of people and the environments they live in.

Our Mission

To develop new robotic vision technologies to expand the capabilities of robots.

Our Values

Our values represent our culture and the way we do things.

We have created a Centre with an exciting high-energy culture that supports us to do impactful science, by integrating robotics and computer vision. We engage with people about robotic vision technologies and their impact, and we will transform the world by solving critical innovation challenges.

Robotic Vision expands the capabilities of robots, allowing them to see and understand the world in which they are working. We believe it is the key technology that will allow robotics to change the way we live and work.

While robotics is about machines that interact with the physical world, computer vision is about analysing and understanding the world through images.

Already we are looking to apply our technologies to solve real challenges in the monitoring and protection of the natural and built environments, the provision of healthcare in hospitals and in the home, sustainable food production, and efficiently harnessing our natural resources.

About Us

Research Impact



About this report

Report Description

Our report covers the activities of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Robotic Vision for the 2017 calendar year. It forms part of our official reporting and accounting requirements to the Australian Research Council. Our activities encompass research, training, outreach, industry engagement, operations and finance.


As a publicly funded organisation, our report demonstrates to our stakeholders and the broader community, the impact we are having in the new field of robotic vision. We provide an overview of our operations in 2017 and our progress on meeting key performance indicators (KPIs), specifically with reference to:

  • research performance
  • research training and professional development
  • international, national and regional links and networks
  • end-user engagement
  • financial performance
  • governance
  • contributions to national benefit

As well as reporting on our performance, we also report on the elements that make our Centre a leading innovator in the field of robotic vision including our culture, our people and our achievements.

Case Studies

The Story of our Logo

Our logo represents the reunification of robotics and computer vision. It symbolises how robots might see in the future and recognises the
importance of vision in the evolution of life on Earth.