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Our Gender Equity Plan

ARC Centre of Excellence for Robotic Vision

Robotic Vision Gender Equity Plan

Equity & Diversity Statement

The Australian Centre for Robotic Vision strives to treat everyone in an unbiased and inclusive manner, and to remove barriers of disadvantage, for all of its members and the wider professional community.

We are committed to equitable treatment of all its members and elimination of discrimination in all its forms. An important part of this commitment is the recognition of the rights of all individuals to respect; and the acceptance of others without biases based on differences of any kind.

As the Centre is developing technologies that can impact all members of society, it is important that the Centre’s personnel reflect the diversity of the community. Such diversity might include age, gender, gender orientation, sexuality, religion, indigenous status, non-English speaking background, race, disability, mental and physical health, pregnancy, parenting and other carer responsibilites.

A major issue faced in the fields of robotics and computer vision, and more broadly in computer science, is gender equity. According to the Computing Research Association the number of women relative to men is computing is decreasing. The Centre has an important role to play in helping to address this situation and will be richer for being more inclusive. Following the example of the Pleiades Gold award winning CAASTRO Diversity Policy, and the recently released ACEMS Equity & Diversity Program, the Centre released this Gender Equity Plan in October 2017 at our Annual Symposium, RoboVis. This is the final Robotic Vision Gender Equity Plan incorporating feedback and views across the Centre.

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