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Our Centre

Centre researchers and staff at our third annual symposium RoboVis2016, held in Lorne, Victoria

Our Vision

Creating robots that see and understand for the sustainable wellbeing of people and the environments they live in.

Our Mission

To develop new robotic vision technologies to expand the capabilities of robots.

Our Centre on a Page

Our Centre on a Page infographic outlines our Vision, Mission, Values, Research and Impact areas.






Who We Are

We are an Australian research centre that leads the world in the new discipline of robotic vision, applying computer vision to robotics. While robotics is about machines that interact with the physical world, computer vision is about analysing and understanding the world through images. Robotic Vision expands the capabilities of robots, allowing them to see and understand the world in which they are working. We believe it is the key technology that will allow robotics to change the way we live and work.

Already we are looking to apply our technologies to solve real challenges in the monitoring and protection of the natural and built environments, the provision of healthcare in hospitals and in the home, sustainable food production, and efficiently harnessing our natural resources.

Our Beginnings

The Centre was funded in 2014 by the Australian Research Council (ARC), to not only conduct research in the exciting new field of robotic vision but to also build research capacity, develop the research and industry leaders of tomorrow, engage with the community, and to help people learn about robotics, vision and coding. We are establishing a vibrant international robotic vision community in partnership with four Australian universities (QUT, ANU, University of Adelaide and Monash), CSIRO and six international organisations (Oxford University, Imperial College London, INRIA, ETH Zurich, Georgia Tech and the University of Toronto).

The Centre is led by Director Professor Peter Corke (QUT), Deputy Director Professor Ian Reid (Adelaide), and Chief Investigators Professor Tom Drummond (Monash) and Professor Stephen Gould (ANU).

Australian Centre for Robotic Vision
2 George Street Brisbane, 4001
+61 7 3138 7549