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Jonathan Roberts

Jonathan is Professor in Robotics at Queensland University of Technology (QUT). His main research interest is in the areas of Field, Medical and Design Robotics and in particular making machines opera... More Info

SnakeBots the next big thing in operating theatres

Australian Centre for Robotic Vision Chief Investigator Jonathan Roberts talks to ZDNet’s UK-based writer Jo Best about the evolution of SnakeBots designed to be as individual as the patients they’re ... More Info

Nothing creepy about SnakeBots in the OR!

Centre Chief Investigator Jonathan Roberts talks about the evolution of bespoke, miniaturised surgical SnakeBots of the future on ABC Radio Brisbane’s Mornings with Rebecca Levingstone. Listen&g... More Info

Future surgical bots to push the boundaries of evolution in a battle for human good

In a world first, Australian Centre for Robotic Vision researchers are pushing the boundaries of evolution to create bespoke, miniaturised surgical robots, uniquely matched to individual patient anato... More Info

ABC 7.30 Report delves into the future of personalised surgical robots

The Centre’s Medical and Healthcare Robotics Group featured in Part 4 of a ABC 7.30 Report’s special series on Australia’s healthcare system. Chief Investigator Jonathan Roberts, Ass... More Info

Is it time to trust AI with your vote?

Avoid the politics and let artificial intelligence decide your vote in the next election. Read a thought-provoking article in The Conversation co-authored by Centre Chief Investigator Jonathan Robert... More Info

Secret lives of robots…

Centre Chief Investigator Jonathan Roberts reveals ways robots are shaping our lives ‘behind the scenes’ in his latest article in The Conversation. More often than not, they take on the so... More Info

Visionary bots on the medical frontline

In an operating theatre near you, it is soon likely that ‘seeing’ robots will literally be working at the cutting edge. The Australian Centre for Robotic Vision’s Medical and Healthcare Robotics Group... More Info

Emily Corser

Emily graduated from QUT in 2017 with first class honours in a Bachelor of Mechatronic Engineering. During her degree, Emily worked with Centre Chief Investigator Professor Matthew Dunbabin on a surf ... More Info

White-knuckle ‘Hands-off’ Flying!

UAV Challenge Medical Express lives up to ‘Mission Impossible’ monikerIt’s renowned as the toughest UAV rescue mission on the planet. For good reason; pushing the real-world capabilities of flying r... More Info

California ‘dreamers’ win world’s biggest flying robot rescue mission

No-one ever said winning was going to be easy!For a group of Californian high school students today crowned champions of the world’s biggest airborne robotics challenge in the heart of rural Queensl... More Info

No Ordinary Joe!

How one fair dinkum ‘dummy’ has transformed the future of flying rescue robots[Click here to download photos or watch video] “Outback Joe is one helluva dummy!” says Australian Centre for Robotic Vi... More Info

Tom Coppin

Tom graduated from ANU in 2017 with first class honours in a Bachelor of Engineering. He then worked as a research assistant at QUT for Dr. Anjali Jaiprakash on the Retinal Plenoptoscope project, wher... More Info

Australia’s first Robotics Roadmap launched

Australia’s first Robotics Roadmap launched at Parliament House today The roadmap will guide and support the development of critical robotic and vision technologies required to support Australian ind... More Info

Exploring the Ethics of Robots

Robotics and artificial intelligence are increasingly present in our lives. Sometimes it’s obvious, in military drones and autonomous sex robots – but banks, hotels and delivery services a... More Info

We need robots that can improvise, but it’s not easy to teach them right from wrong

Centre Researchers Jonathan Roberts, Michael Milford, and Feras Dayoub write on why we have a long way to go before we can build sophisticated robots with a moral compass in this Article in The Conver... More Info

Australia Post to trial autonomous robot parcel delivery service in Brisbane

Centre Chief Investigator Jonathan Roberts talks about Australia Post’s plan to trial autonomous parcel delivery service in Brisbane in this article in the Courier Mail. ... More Info

Toowoomba and Calamvale teams share UAV Challenge win

In a first for the QUT-CSIRO UAV Challenge, teams from two Queensland high schools have shared first place. The joint winners are the Cheeky Mangoz from Toowoomba Christian College and the Calamvale P... More Info

High school students from across the globe travel to Australia for international drone competition

High school students from across the globe will travel down under this month to participate in UAV Outback Challenge in Queensland The Unmanned Airborne Vehicles (UAV) Challenge is a joint venture be... More Info

Robotics in Surgery – an Article in The Conversation from our Medical Robotics Team

Surgeons say minor unintentional damage can happen during surgery, and much of that goes unreported. They say they would be prepared to use robotic tools if they could be shown to help. Centre Medical... More Info

How to backup life on earth ahead of any doomsday event

Centre Chief Investigator Jonathan Roberts tackles a very interesting topic in this Article in The Conversation – what should be done to make sure we have a backup plan should any catastrophic e... More Info

Star Wars turns 40 and it still inspires our real life space junkies

It was 40 years ago today, on May 25, 1977, that Star Wars first burst onto cinema screens, and from that time the world changed for the better. Star Wars introduced the world to Jedi knights with lig... More Info

The future of flying cars: science fact or science fiction?

Centre Researchers Jonathan Roberts and Michael Milford look into the question of whether we’ll ever see flying cars. Here is their article that appeared in The Conversation. ... More Info

Anjali Jaiprakash

Anjali is a strategic and lateral thinking life sciences researcher, actively embracing novel technologies to solve medical challenges. Anjali has experience in the fields of medical robotics, medical... More Info

How to make a driverless car ‘see’ the road ahead

How do self-driving cars “see”, and why did Intel spend $15-billion on Mobileye? A very interesting article in The Conversation from our Michael Milford and Jonathan Roberts:  How to make a driverless... More Info

Rise of the Robodoc

Centre Researchers involved with Medical Robotics were featured in the September issue of Engineers-Australia. Orthopaedic surgeon Professor Ross Crawford, robotics expert Professor Jonathan Roberts a... More Info

Medical Robotics, a robot that looks like a snake, and collaboration

Centre Associate Investigator Jonathan Roberts appeared at the Queensland Futures Summit in Brisbane on 24 August 2016, taking part in a panel discussion about the Robotic Revolution. In this video, P... More Info

Centre Research Fellow Awarded an “Advance Queensland Fellowship”

Research Fellow Dr Anjali Jaiprakash picked up a big supporter for her medical robotics research – the Queensland Government. Anjali was invited to Parliament House in Brisbane, where was among a grou... More Info

Can We Replace Politicians with Robots?

Associate Investigator Jonathan Roberts explores that interesting question in an Article in The Conversation ... More Info

My robot Valentine: could you fall in love with a robot?

Could the future hold a bit of robot romance? Our Jonathan Roberts shares his thoughts in this Article in the Conversation. ... More Info

How do robots “see” the world?

Associate Investigator Professor Jonathan Roberts discusses how robots ‘see’ the world in this Article in The Conversation. ... More Info

Star Wars: these could be the droids we’re looking for in real life

Associate Investigator Professor Jonathan Roberts’ Article in The Conversation discusses how close the droids in the new Star Wars movie are to real-life robots. The article was republished by Busines... More Info

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