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Centre Team Headed Back to Amazon Robotics Challenge

VIDEO: 2016 Amazon Challenge


For a second straight year, the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision is sending a team to take part in the newly-renamed Amazon Robotics Challenge. This year’s event will again be held in conjunction with Robocup in Nagoya, Japan at the end of July.

The team is hoping to build off its success from last year’s Amazon Picking Challenge, where it finished sixth overall in the picking task out of the 16 teams from around the world.

“Last year, we essentially started from scratch and built a working system in just a few months. Now we’re looking at pushing this further,” says Centre Research Fellow Juxi Leitner.

Juxi Leitner at 2016 Challenge in Germany

Juxi led the Centre team last year, and is in charge of putting together this year’s team. For Juxi, this isn’t just about trying to solve the specific problems for this competition. He sees it as a chance to really advance the Centre’s mission of creating robots that can see and act robustly in real world scenarios.

“For us, robotic vision is not just computer vision on a robot. It’s the close interaction between vision and robotics,” Juxi says.

“The problems we face in this challenge allow us to bring vision and action together, creating something that is larger than its parts. Our hope then is to take what we learn from this and start applying it to other areas we’re trying to solve in the Centre, like agricultural, infrastructure and medical applications.” Juxi says.

VIDEO: Video Montage of 2016 Amazon Challenge

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PostedJanuary 17, 2017

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