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Developing our Future Knowledge Leaders

Centre launches Knowledge Leadership program for Research Fellows and PhD students

We have an important responsibility to nurture the next generation of knowledge leaders, innovating robotic vision experts who will go on to work in industry, government and academia. Our research fellows and PhD researchers will help to translate robotic vision research to adapt existing industries and to convert robotic vision research into new products, services and enterprises so as to forge whole new industries.

To support our early career researchers we have commissioned a tailor-made knowledge leadership program from workplace psychologists, Evexia. The program, which commenced in 2016, focusses on the skills our researchers need for successful careers. Unlike the plethora of other leadership training programs which focus on either the research or corporate worlds, our bespoke program covers some of the specialist skills required by researchers but also encompasses entrepreneurship, publicity engagement and resilience.  We hope to equip our researchers with skills that will help them to not only succeed, but to also lead in any sphere of influence.

The program started last year with the introduction of career development planning and has been supported by the Centre Chief Operating Officer, Sue Keay, with workshops at each node on careers. The future focus of the program is on helping researchers with developing purpose and a unique identity, learning to influence, translating research and bringing entrepreneurial resolve to bear, and also on further career planning and resilience. The Centre has held 8 workshops in total during 2017 and will hold a 1 day workshop during our annual symposium, RoboVis, in October.

We have set the bar high and believe we have developed a unique program combining elements of traditional leadership training with a specific focus on research and entrepreneurship.

For enquiries please contact our Chief Operating Officer Sue Keay

PostedSeptember 14, 2017

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